Privately Held Companies

Team Mentality

We work in collaboration with you to understand your goals and obstacles. Lougen Valenti Bookbinder & Weintraub LLP (LVBW) can then create a plan that narrows the gap from where you are today to where you want to go. The key is our frequent communication. It keeps us connected and increases our knowledge of your operations.

Profit Focused

Our staff understands the reason you are in business is to create profits and develop the lifestyle you wish to live. We work with you to streamline reporting and maximize tax benefits for your business. LVBW professionals think outside the box and are proactive in identifying new tax strategies.

Advisory Relationships

LVBW becomes your trusted advisors. Our team will bring a fresh infusion of new ideas to your company. We focus on the critical success factors of your business because they make the largest impact.

Forward Thinking Professionals

To help our clients increase their success, we provide accurate and informative financial results and analysis. LVBW will help your company make progress toward your goals.

Our Services Include

  • Financial Statements; audit, review & compilations
  • Management Consulting
  • Exit & Family Succession Planning
  • Accounting
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Internal Controls & Fraud Prevention
  • Tax Planning & Return Preparation
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audits
  • Personal Tax Advice

Our Profit Enhancement Strategy

Our goal is to identify the three to five items that are critical to you. Then, understand which of those is the most important. Finally, we identify obstacles that may be in your way. This enables us to develop the accounting, tax, financial reporting and consulting steps to best support your organization.

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The Next Step

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